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Miami Club Coconut Grove™

The Spirit of Miami™ the original award-winning rum from the first distillery in the history of Miami, is now hand-blended with 100% natural, organic coconut and organic Florida crystals for a Real, Miami, Coconut™ experience!

Why Miami Club Coconut Grove™? We were mortified to find that the world’s leading brand of coconut rum is artificially flavored, loaded with high fructose corn syrup, and not even real rum! We created Miami Club Coconut Grove to set the world of coconut rum right again! Miami Club Coconut Grove is produced with our finest rum, all natural organic coconut, and organic raw Florida sugar crystals, lovingly hand blended in Miami!

Award-Winning Miami Club Rum has received more world-wide spirits competition double gold medals over the last 7 years than any other micro distillery in the Nation.

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A unique experience combining local craftsmanship, superior Florida ingredients and our distinct aging process – “Infused with Music” – to create a smooth, “Ultimately Mixable” flavor profile that brings people from all over the world together!

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