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Cuban Coffee Liqueur

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Liqueur™

The Spirit of Miami™ the original award-winning rum from the first distillery in the history of Miami, is now married with hand selected cold-brew Cuban-style coffee and organic Florida crystals for truly authentic Miami experience!

Master of Coffee Blend™ Miami Club Cuban Coffee Liqueur is produced with the finest natural coffee, custom blended by the legendary Cuban Coffee Master, don Luis Bustelo! The result is smooth, low acidity, yet robust authentic Cuban-style coffee flavor!

Award-Winning Miami Club Cuban Coffee Liqueur™ is produced by combining 9-time “Best Rum in the World” Miami Club Rum with the finest Cuban Style Coffee and organic Florida Crystals. This product was named “Epic Product of 2019” and winner of the 2018 Los Angeles Millennial Spirits Competition Double-Gold Medal.

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A unique experience combining local craftsmanship, superior Florida ingredients and our distinct aging process – “Infused with Music” – to create a smooth, “Ultimately Mixable” flavor profile that brings people from all over the world together!

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