I love local tours, especially those involving alcohol. There’s so much to see and enjoy in our own City and Miami Club is all about Miami! The tour of the Miami Club Rum Distillery rates an “A+”. The process of brewing and fermenting is fairly straight forward: combine some H2O, sugar (locally grown sugar cane in this case) and yeast and let nature takes it’s course. OH! and Salsa music!! That’s right, 24/7 Salsa music is part of the process that makes Miami Club Rum so….Miami! – TripAdvisor

The tour begins in the 50’s – 60’s inspired greeting area which is beautifully decorated with vintage black and white photographs and original furniture pieces from that time era. The Golden Oldies is very well represented throughout.

Our tour guide, who is also the founder of the distillery as well as the maker and bottler of the rum, did a wonderful job explaining the process. He was an entertaining character. He lets you get up-close to the process. You can see the fermenting vessels at various stages. He explained how it all flowed, from raw materials through distillation and filtration. You won’t see sophisticated bottling here, just a guy with a nozzle and hose filling the barrels with the raw liquor before banging home the bung plug.

Afterwards, you are offered a unique to Miami Club Rum cocktail, such as a Preparate (“Prepare Yourself” in Spanish) or a Mentidita (“Little Lie” in Spanish). There’s a story behind each drink so I won’t ruin it with a description, it’s part of the experience.

Nestled in the Art permeated area of Wynwood, this is definitely a must stop!