AMAZING coffee rum liqueur. I WAS LUCKY enough to get a bottle of the Miami Coffee Rum. It was smooth, and just Amazing. There are rums you mix, rums you shoot as shots. rums you put over ice. Not this one. it was smooth as silk no after taste and gave me that oh so good warm feeling on its way down and reminded me of an Adult Colada. AMAZING goodness. – Facebook

— Ronald Wasser

I have Spanish heritage from Puerto Rico and this oddly enough reminds me of child hood just add milk and you will find yourself over half way done with the bottle in no time it’s just as strong as black Cuban coffee and give you all the warmth and Caramel from the rum really makes this an easy sipper is not to acidic or sweet its definitely a new favorite – ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

— Kirito3797

Tasted like real Cuban coffee. tasted at the store, delicious by itself or with half and half or coconut cream. Next I have to make a coffee martini with it. – ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

— Lipstick Lisa

WOW!!!! Definitely the best coffee liquor in market. – ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

— Natyf